Good Morning Price Middle School!

Price Middle School students were excited about the new school year.

Thank you Price Middle School for being our first middle school visit for the day! Luther Judson Price Middle School is the home of the mighty Wildcats!  The school has a strong alumni community and great partnerships with IBM and the French Consulate of Atlanta. I met Dr. Evelyn Smith from the Class of 1965, back when the school was serving high school students. Price first opened in 1954 and was known for producing top scholars and athletes.    

Price Middle is now part of the Carver High School Cluster and serves 300 students in south Atlanta.  This year we will be working hard to strengthen its relationship with the entire cluster so that it is a strong middle school in this dynamic cluster.

Mr. Hale is the new principal and had things off to great start! He plans to continue the French learning experiences for the students. Last summer, after a year-long friendship with their French peers over Skype, students at Price Middle School were excited to visit their French classmates at College de Haut Penoy in Nancy-Metz, France.  The study abroad experience was the culmination of their French language study for the school year.

I enjoyed walking into the classrooms and seeing supportive teachers who were getting to know their students.  We are looking forward to a fantastic year at Price in a safe and loving environment.

Next stop – Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School.



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