Storytime at Adamsville Primary was a Blast!

One thing is for sure, young kids LOVE storytime

Adams9Teaching and learning were in full swing at Admasville Primary school, a pre-k – 2nd grade school in southwest Atlanta.  Principal Manboard gave us a tour of the school where we saw instruction taking place in every class.

 I spent time in Ms. Humphrey’s pre-k class where students were immersed in their drawing activity, using colors and shapes to introduce themselves to their classmates.  The highlight of the visit was having the opportunity to read A Bad Case of the Tattle Tongue by Julia Cook to a group of very excited first grade students in Ms. Fears’ class.


“Welcome honey.” How cute is this?!?

The hallways were bright and I loved the art gallery wall named for the first principal, Ms. Thelma B. McKelpin.  Teachers were so creative with their bulletin boards (see the super cool 3D bee hive) and enthusiastic as they delivered their lessons. I was pleased to see that teachers also received extra teacher resources that were being distributed.

This is the second year that Adamsville will use the primary model. I will be looking into the background for the change in the design and following up on any findings on whether this grade level structure is best for our students.  Students feed into Miles secondary school after completing their early learning experience. I will be scheduling a visit to Miles soon to see the other portion of the design.


I love my sticker.

By the way, I love my “fantastic” version of a gold star sticker for being a good reader!


I love it when members of our team tour schools with me.


Our CFO Chuck Burbridge is with us today as well!

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