A Day at Dobbs: Guest Blogger Michael Nettles, Executive in Residence

Guest Blogger:  Michael Nettles, Executive in Residence

Today was my first day as a member of the superintendent’s school tour caravan.

We visited several schools today and I was especially impressed with John Wesley Dobbs Elementary School.  Dr. West is doing a fantastic job with this learning site.


David Jernigan, Deputy Superintendent of Schools, Principal West, Dr. Danielle Battle, Associate Superintendent of Elementary Schools and Michael Nettles, Executive in Residence enjoyed a great tour of Dobbs Elementary School.

The school environment is warm and friendly and the décor is bright and educational. As we visited classrooms, it was easy to see that Dobbs’ teachers and administrators are very proud of their school. 

I was encouraged by the bright and alert faces of the older elementary school students.  The stern and serious faces of our younger learners, especially the kindergarteners, revealed their anxiety about their new environment but teachers at Dobbs are providing encouraging and positive assurances to the students that they can and will succeed. 

The first, second and third graders are most attentive in this first week, all showing the potential of high achievers.  The fourth and fifth graders are the veterans of the school and exude ownership.  Dr. West is on a mission to provide a strong school-home connection for students and welcomes parents to partner with the school, beyond their child’s classroom.  This investment in community building paid off       with a new KaBoom! Playground that was donated to the school last school year.  The vibrant design outside compliments the learning taking place inside.  Have a great school year Dobbs!


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