Hooray for Learning!

I love when our schools post their great work online – it makes it easier for me to share!  Take a look at these exciting moments from around the district.

Perkerson4th(Photo: Perkerson Elementary Facebook Page)

3rd graders from Perkerson Elementary are sharpening their math skills!  Their teacher says, “In this 3rd grade activity, student groups were given a topic to survey for our data party, like snacks, desserts, drinks, games etc. Students then came up with categories for their topics and surveyed each other for their preferences. After collecting and compiling their data in their groups, the groups each made a bar graph displaying their data. Students then came up with 7 data analysis questions for their bar graph. The bar graphs and questions were posted around the room and each group rotated to the bar graph and questions of the other groups and answered each groups’ data analysis questions.”  Way to go Perkerson!

Beecher(Photo: Beecher Hills Elementary Facebook Page)

Beecher Hills Elementary encourages reading by hosting a Book of the Month Luncheon each month!  Students in grades K-5 that completed “The Lemonade War” were invited to join Principal Jones for the monthly event.   October is National Book Month and I am encouraging our students and our parents to read, read, read!  Congrats to all of the students who completed this month’s book.  Way to read Beecher Hills!

ERiversCyclorama(Photo: E. Rivers Elementary Facebook Page)

No need to panic parents, I’m certain the bus was at a standstill when this photo was taken!  Why all the excitement?  Well, E. Rivers 5th graders took a trip to the Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum this week.  The Cyclorama is a huge panoramic painting depicting the Battle of Atlanta that has been on display in Grant Park since 1893.  Teachers dive deep into the Civil War during 5th grade, and this year many students will be exposed to once in a lifetime exhibits as America celebrates the 150th anniversary of the war.  Way to learn E. Rivers!

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