My Adventures with Backpack Bear – The Final Chapter

My week with Backpack Bear was so much fun! We worked, we played and even gave back to the community. I’m so sad to say good-bye, but it’s time to hand him back over to the kids at Jackson Primary in Ms. Swalm’s kindergarten class. Thank you guys for introducing us, we are sure to be friends forever. As I say goodbye to my good friend Backpack Bear, let me share some of our most memorable moments captured during our last day together.


Backpack Bear met my other good friend, Pete the Cat who was wearing his new, cool, school shoes.

Backpack Bear 2

Backpack Bear helped me “color within the lines” as I finished my final kindergarten homework assignment.


Chief Academic Officer Carlton Jenkins promises to take great care of Backpack Bear and return him home.  Thanks Carlton!  Don’t forget to buckle him in his seatbelt!

What a great week.  I look for











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