Hope-Hill students do flips over new playground

Hope_Hill_playground0You know that feeling you get sitting on a swing, when the wind blows in your face and your heart jumps a little as you go higher than you expected? If you haven’t experienced it lately, you can probably just think back to your school days and recess. Unfortunately, it’s a feeling the children at Hope-Hill Elementary have missed with the absence of a playground.

Hope_hill_playground3I’m happy to report that’s no longer the case! And, I’m not the only one excited about the addition of a new play space. Fifth grader Khara says “I love the swings. I sit back and relax.” Daniel, a third grader, has more than one favorite part, “I like the slide because it is fun. The monkey bars are fun because I can climb on them and do flips.”

I love to hear that students are getting some exercise and enjoying time outside but please be careful with those flips, Daniel!

Hope_hill_playground6Space for a playground is limited at Hope-Hill since the school is adjacent to the Martin Luther King, Jr. City of Atlanta Parks & Recreation property. A playground on the MLK property was removed in 2009 due to age and safety concerns.

While the city worked to find funding for a replacement playground, site improvements were made and a parking lot was added.  The City of Atlanta was able to secure Community Development Block Grant funds and also used City of Atlanta Park Improvement dollars for the project.

Hope_hill_playground2APS is thrilled that Hope-Hill students and visitors will be able to enjoy the playground along with neighborhood residents and the general public.  Even big kids (Hope-Hill alumni) were excited about this news. Former Hope-Hill student and now my current APS Communications leader Jill Strickland remembers spending many days as a child on the old Hope-Hill playground.  She was overjoyed to find out the playground was back! She knows, like I do, that safe, well-designed outside play areas are important to helping students develop emotionally and socially.

Hope_hill_playground8But don’t just take it from us, let the Hope-Hill students tell you!

“It’s great!” – Jeremiah, 5th grade

“Playing at the old field was boring.  I like the playground because it is fun and there are more activities to do.  We get more exercise on the playground.” – Janijah, 3rd grade

“All of the games on the playground are so cool!” – Robin, 5th grade

“My friends and I make an obstacle course on the new playground.” – Ishmael, 3rd grade

“I love the whole entire park.  It is fun for big and little kids.” – Zatroya, 5th grade

“Awesome!  Everyone can have fun on it.” – Marquis, 5th grade

Thanks again to our friends at the City of Atlanta Department of Parks & Recreation!

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