Grady Debaters prove themselves to be best in state

Grady_debate3As a former high school debater, I know all too well how hard it is to win big at the state level.  I would like to give the students, staff and principal of Grady High School a standing ovation for winning this weekend at the Georgia Forensic Championship tournament.

The Grady High School Speech and Debate Team, the Jesters, won the Debate Sweepstakes Award, Speech Sweepstakes Award and for the sixth year in a row brought home the Overall Champions Sweepstakes Award at the Georgia Forensic Coaches Association Varsity State Championships at Marist School this past weekend.

Grady_debate1Here is how individual students fared:


Robert Brown, 4th Place

Ashley Carter, 2nd

Chloe Citron. CHAMPION


Denis Goldsman, 5th Place

Keegan Hasson- 2nd Place

Sam Lombardo, CHAMPION


Denis Goldsman, semifinalist

Max Rabb, 5th Place

Keegan Hasson, 4th Place

Molly Gray, 3rd Place


Robert Brown and Molly Looman, CHAMPIONS


Chloe Citron, 4th Place

Molly Looman,  CHAMPION;


Octofinalists- Mark Winokur, Logan Mann

Quarterfinalist- Conor Downey

Semifinalist- Will Taft

CHAMPION- Meredith Fossitt


Quarterfinalists- Harrison Wilco and Chloe Prendergast Harrison Wilco, 11th Speaker


SENATE: Max Rafferty, 5th Place; Keegan Hasson, CHAMPION

HOUSE: Gregory Fedorov, 2nd Place

Grady_debate2The Grady High School Speech and Debate Team also broke some records:

  • The team qualified more entries to the State Tournament this year than any other team in the history of the Georgia Forensic Coaches Association, winning its sixth straight “School of Excellence” Award.
  •  Grady High School is now the only school in Georgia to have a State Championship in every event offered.

Mario Herrera, Speech and Debate Team coach was inducted into the Georgia Forensic Coaches Association Hall of Fame this weekend.

Way to go you guys. I am so impressed….and proud!

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