11 Year Old APS Student Edith Stubbs is Publishing Her First Children’s Book

AmeliaWe have so many talented students in our district, and I am proud to recognize this particular young lady for such a spectacular achievement. 11-year-old, Edith Stubbs “Speedy” McGruffin of Mary Lin Elementary School is publishing her first book “Amelia – The Crazy Jumping Hedgehog.”

Edith says it was right before her 10th birthday and she was on vacation with her family. The weather was ugly, she was sitting in the rain with nothing to do and she became bored. After a suggestion from her father to use her imagination, her book character, Amelia, was born!

Amelia is a hedgehog that lives in a pet store but dreams of being taken home to a house with a nice hedge. While she is at the pet store dreaming, she has a series of capers and discovers what makes her special.

Edith is currently raising money for the printing of the book with a Kickstarter campaign she set up with the help of her father. It also includes a really cool video about the book where you can hear from the young author herself.

Check it out here!


You can also follow Amelia on Facebook:<https://www.facebook.com/Ameliathehedgehogbook>
and Twitter<https://twitter.com/Amelia_Hedgehog>.

Edith says that “Amelia – The Crazy Jumping Hedgehog” is just the first of a five-book series.

Congratulations Speedy! I look forward to reading your books and following the professional writing adventure of Speedy McGruffin!

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