The Sixth Graders of Sutton Middle School – Day One APS

20150805_144109Sutton Middle School is growing and this year the district created a sixth grade academy for the school.

Located at the site of the original Sutton Middle School campus, principal Buck Greene and his staff have made great use of the building, placing classes by content area in strategic parts of the building.

Principal Greene reported that transportation went well this morning, which is great since the drop off structure was new to all the parents.

Students were in class on time and when I stopped by, the Board of Education members Nancy Meister, Cynthia Briscoe Brown and Matt Westmoreland, students were engaged in learning.

I was able to spend a little time inside of Ms. Morgan’s Earth Science class, but instead of the students talking to me about plants and minerals, they preferred to ask me questions about my job title, city politics and education. They asked great, funny questions!

Welcome back Sutton Middlle School!

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