Making New Friends at Scott Elementary

20150806_072832Scott Elementary School received a face-lift over the summer. When I walked in I was immediately struck by the bright yellow paint – the cafeteria looks fantastic. The room was cheerful and the smell of yummy biscuits was in the air.

Scott has a dynamic new principal, Mr. Langston Longley is a former APS assistant principal and has a big vision for his new school of 245 students.

I was joined on this trip by Donyall Dickey, our new Chief of Schools Officer who is responsible for the supervision of associate superintendents, strategies and implementation of the collaborative alignment framework, as well as the implementation of cluster plans. Mr. Dickey most recently served as the Chief Academic Officer of The School District of Philadelphia where he has also served as the Assistant Superintendent of Schools.  Donyall was recruited to Philadelphia from the Baltimore area where he was a highly regarded principal and where he cut his teeth as a third grade teacher and high school English teacher.  Most importantly, he and I both tried the chicken biscuits this morning! And they were pretty impressive.

20150806_075435 - CopyOur breakfast buddies this morning were mostly pre-k students who were learning to choose their meals, open their milk and clean up their tables, all of which are important skills that transfer to the classroom.  We also met to impressive 2nd graders who chatted with us about their food, favorite movie (yes, “Frozen”) and how school is “just great.” They were full of energy and ready for a new year.

A really impressive point to make about Scott is that the school recently received a 21st Century Grant! This is a five-year, $1million award that will be used to provide a free afterschool program and free summer camp for 120 students. Scott is the only school in the district to receive this prestigious award during the 2014-2015 school year.

Have a great year Scott Elementary! I enjoyed spending the morning with you.


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