Welcome Back Perkerson Elementary Students and Staff!


I had a chance to check out the texts being used in our dual immersion program at Perkerson.

It is so important that when our students leave APS that they are be able to not only graduate college and career ready, but also ready to compete globally when they enter the workforce. Learning a second or third language, I believe, is the key to a young adult becoming invaluable in the global marktetplace.

My first school visit on the third day of school was to Perkerson Elementary School in the Carver cluster where Ms. Astin is the school’s new principal. Perkerson houses one of four Spanish Dual Immersion programs found in Atlanta Public Schools. The goal of the program is for students to become bilingual and biliterate in Spanish by the end of their fifth grade year. Perkerson and D.H. Stanton Elementary, (which I visited on Day One) were among the first schools in the state to receive a $15,000 grant to implement the Georgia Dual Immersion Program. New this year to Dual Immersion are E. Rivers Elementary and Garden Hills Elementary.


Mr. Jimenez is a great new addition to Perkerson.

I had an opportunity to visit several classrooms, including that of Mr. Jimenez who is new to the school this year and teaches dual immersion, 2nd grade. I noticed that his supplies were a little low in his classroom, so I’m looking into getting him more Spanish supplies asap!

I stopped by Ms. McGruder’s first grade class – it looks and feels like a spa! Take a look at my photo of her tranquil reading space. So creative!

Nadya Charles, who teaches our youngest dual immersion learners shared some of the learning materials she’s using in her classroom this year. I’m interested in expanding her classroom library to include more Spanish reading materials for students that are struggling or really new to the language.

It was a great visit – The building was spotless, the teachers were smiling and kids were excited about learning.  I appreciate Board of Education member Eshe’ Collins joining me on my visit! Welcome back Perkerson Elementary School!

CLICK HERE to learn more about Spanish Dual Immersion programs in APS!


Take a deep breath in and exhale! What a wonderful, relaxing classroom.

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