Run, APS, RUN (or Strut)!

image3Rushing out of the door to get to Piedmont Park Oval where I will join my running buddies and colleagues on this is the final night of practice before we participate in the East Atlanta Village (EAV) Runfest this weekend!

The time has finally come where all our hard work and practice will pay off! This Saturday, about 100 of my co-workers and I will run (and strut) our stuff through the streets of the EAV and not only have I personally prepared by practicing with student athletes, but my APS family and I have been preparing together and pushing image6ourselves for the past few weeks during practice runs at Piedmont Park.

While we aren’t professional runners we have developed a fitness routine to improve our health and experience including aerobics and stretching! For this training challenge, we designed a schedule that would maximize the fitness potential of our seasoned runners, as well as our beginners.

More importantly, we’ve been running in style! For every practice run, I requested that our run image1club members wear an APS t-shirt that represented their school or department. Oh my goodness, I had no idea so many APS t-shirts existed!

Every week, folks got out there and gave it their all and boy were they cute. Some came to every practice, others, only a few – but the objective was met, we got up, got out and made a healthy choice together as a team.

As Saturday approaches, I have confidence in our practice routines so this 5K will as much fun image5as rewarding! Saturday we will run in support of our APS family—the students of Burgess-Peterson Academy Elementary School. Come out and run with us, or cheer from the sidelines! Hope to see you there.






In the center in the black tee is David White, principal of Burgess Peterson! Thanks for the support David.


These are the handmade medals being made by David White and team! Aweeeesommmme!

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