Celebrating Another Amazing Year in APS


I will miss all of our students this summer!

The time has come: it’s the end of the school year! Congratulations, everyone—teachers, parents, staff, partners, and, of course, students—on another amazing school year. From Day One on August 5 to the very last day today, we have had a year full of learning, achievement, and fun, and that is worth celebrating.

Some may think our teachers are trading lesson plans for La-Z-Boys and students are exchanging study guides for sandcastles, but I know today does not mark the end of our collective hard work. And while I do want each of us to take some time to refresh and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation, for many educators, summer is when you become laser focused and super creative about your plans for next school year! That’s why I love this transformation – the tenacity and dedication of our team helps APS grow and improve each year.


Thank you all for bringing your smiles and talents to our central office and schools!

Our district has seen a lot of change since August 5, and I’ve been thrilled to see how that change has improved the lives our students. I’ve heard laughs radiating from new playgrounds, seen dynamic teaching using innovative techniques, and been heartened by the light in children’s eyes as they explore their passions for art, science and language with caring and dedicated teachers.


Teachers, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the countless hours you spent delivering instruction, running after-school activities, and imparting your love for learning to your students.

Parents, thank you for allowing us to teach your wonderful children. Thank you for everything you do on both ends of the school day: getting your children to and from school, helping them study for everything from spelling tests to AP exams, and working with our staff to help them provide the best possible education to your children.

Administrators and support staff, none of this would be possible without each and every one of you. Principals, thank you for setting the tone and culture of your schools, making them places where children love to learn, teachers inspire, and parents engage. From the bus drivers and crossing guards at the beginning of the day to the custodial staff who stay well after the final bell, thank you for everything you do to keep our schools running smoothly.


Our employees rock!

Residents of Atlanta, thank you for your support every step of the way. Your help in passing E-SPLOST yesterday is just the latest demonstration of a city determined to break barriers and provide each and every child a quality education. Even those of you who do not have kids in the district help us, challenge us, advise us, and ensure that the children of this city know that all of Atlanta is rooting for them to succeed.

And, most importantly, to the students: thank you for not just showing up but pursuing your studies and goals with passion and enthusiasm. Your hard work and dedication—even in the face of tough challenges—inspire me on a daily basis, and I am so proud of you, especially our approximately 2,300 seniors graduating this week.

And CONGRATULATIONS! To all of you. I know it hasn’t always been easy, but this day is a time to celebrate making it to the end of another year, persevering through struggles, and coming out smarter, stronger, and more capable of reaching new heights in the future.

Enjoy your summer, never stop learning, take time for yourself and start counting down the days to August 3, when we will begin another school year of exciting teaching and learning.

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