Get Out the Vote from April 16-24! Because Strong Schools Start with YOU

Let’s get out the vote!

We are three years into our operations as a Charter System, and we’ve seen amazing progress due to the greater levels of transparency and engagement especially at the school level. A major reason for these improvements has everything to do with our GO Teams.

And, now it’s time to get out the vote to elect and appoint the next set of GO Team members, replacing those whose terms expire in June.

Voting starts today, April 16, and continues through Wednesday, April 24. To cast your vote online, you will need your unique voting link. We sent links to parents and caregivers through a combination of text, email and mail, while our educators will receive their link via their APS email.

GO Teams are nine-member governance teams at every school in the district that work in a collaborative fashion with each school principal. We designed the GO Teams to serve as a vital part of our school improvement efforts across the district. These teams are responsible for establishing strategic plans for their schools, voting on innovative school-based solutions and approving the school’s budget.

Additionally, these teams can review school data and provide input to the principal related to school improvement.

The best part of operating as a charter system is that each GO Team can really look at the needs of the students at its specific school.

This year, we have 256 seats – 128 elected and filled by parents and staff and another 128 to be filled by community and other stakeholders as appointed by the school principal. More than two thirds of our parent seats have multiple candidates, while more than half of the schools have multiple candidates for staff seats!

More details about GO Teams and questionnaires with all candidates are available on the GO Team home page.

If you need assistance or have questions, please e-mail or call 404-802-2885. For assistance in Spanish, call 404-802-7580.

We want to set new records of engagement, so let your voice be heard – VOTE!! Remember…Strong Schools Start With You!

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