, APS Takes Crowdfunding Education to Next Level

Thank you … thank you … thank you!

If I were to even attempt to non-stop to thank everyone who donates to Atlanta Public Schools through, it would take me – assuming that each heartfelt thank you would take at least 10 seconds – at least one day, 19 hours, eight minutes and 50 seconds to thank them all!


During a spring event with Good Morning America, donated $25,000 to Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy

Even then, I could not express enough gratitude for the many ways we have seen educator support through, a dynamic crowdfunding platform designed to connect donors with teachers who need help with materials and experiences for their students and classrooms.

Since 2014, this partnership has generated $5.4 million for nearly 7,000 projects across our school district. This effort has touched all of our schools, connecting them with some 15,533 donors at last count! (An interesting fact: 63% of the donors come from outside of Georgia! Thank you, America!)

Today … it all goes another level!

As one of 10 inaugural members of the District Partnership Program, our teachers and principals can tap deeper into the organization’s network of 3.5 million donors. Additionally, APS gets a more streamlined process to align the donations with the APS strategy and operations.

image2 has helped fund more than 7,000 projects in APS.

That comes mostly through a dedicated page for our fundraising efforts. Potential donors can swiftly navigate through APS-specific projects to find the best match for their generosity and money.

For us, the new landing page enables our educators to easily monitor all projects and donated materials. Principals will be notified each time a project is funded and receive early notification when there are new “match” funding opportunities.

Please visit our new page at

And if all of this wasn’t enough,, as part of today’s announcement, plans to provide $250,000 in matching donations for their inaugural partners.


Discussing the spirit of giving with beautiful students at Deerwood Academy.

We celebrated this new venture at Deerwood Academy in the Therrell Cluster, where 12 teachers currently have projects in need of funding. With Principal Camisha Perry, teachers and first and fourth grade students from Ms. King and Ms. Jones-Harris classrooms, we all discussed the spirit of giving and how to be a good person by helping people or a cause.

Before reading Winning by Giving by Nancy Kelly Allen, we talked about the feelings donors get when they give. The students said they feel thankful and happy, and as one our students said, “Donors might get a blessing!”

So get in the spirit of giving, click on and help our teachers! You will get an APS blessing along with a Deerwood Academy “choo choo” thank you!


Here are some of the students and teachers at Deerwood Academy who need your donations!

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