Today was a Good Day

Ending my day the way it began…with our drivers at the bus depot.

depot2For a multitude of reasons, today was a great day.  It was nice to end my first APS Day One at the Metropolitan Bus Depot with our student’s second teacher, our bus drivers.  The depot was bustling with drivers returning from their routes – and it was such a hot day.

The Metropolitan Bus Depot is the main hub for APS drivers, supervisors and dispatch personnel.  The site houses almost half of the 402 buses in the transportation fleet. 

depotlargeAPS added 13 new buses that operate on green diesel technology to its fleet this summer. The 72-passenger, Bluebird air-conditioned buses have been added to all quadrants of the school zone.

Drivers and bus monitors – thank you for carefully getting our students to and from school today and thank you for taking such pride in your work. A big thank you to our mechanics who take great care of our fleet.

I appreciate you.

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