We Asked You to Be There on Day One…and You Responded!

Thank you for embracing the district’s call to action, Day One: Be There.

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When I arrived in APS I was told often about all of the things that were wrong with the district.  It seemed like there were no shortages of people eager to share the district’s shortcomings and misgivings. 

I made a commitment as we entered the back-to-school season, that I would focus on what was strong about APS and work hard to build on our strengths.  I see so much strong in APS…and today’s Day One proved that we are a district full of strong individuals, strong teams and strong schools.

Our buses ran on time today.  Our students registered for school in record numbers.  Our parents, teachers, leaders and partners went the extra mile to make sure all of our students had a special first day. 

It is so important that everyone who comes into contact with a child in this district pledges to lift them up, both academically and emotionally.  We all can see greatness in our students. 

I also believe in the limitless talent of our employees.  We have hard-working folks who come to work each and every day with the intention of making the world a better place for our students.  Just like we’ve dedicated ourselves to lifting up students, we must dedicate ourselves to lifting up our employees.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of our partners of our 2014 attendance campaign.  The Zeist Foundation, Buckhead Church, 11Alive News, Chick-fil-A, Macy’s, Dollar General, Georgia Aquarium, School Box Stores, Six Flags Over Georgia and Stone Mountain Park.  Their support really helped APS spread the word about the importance of coming to school on the first day and every day.

Tomorrow I will visit more schools, then even more throughout the week.  Recognizing that all if not perfect, I am taking notes and sharing findings with our district leaders.  I look forward to the work ahead.  Remember, everyday is a first day in APS! Welcome back APS!!!

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