Impressive Tour of the New Schools at Carver: Guest Blogger Timothy Gadson, Associate Superintendent of High Schools

Guest Blogger:  Timothy Gadson, Associate Superintendent of High Schools


Associate Superintendent of High Schools Timothy Gadson, Deputy Superintendent David Jernigan and Principal Pryor of Carver School of the Arts tour the campus of the New Schools at Carver.

This was my second time visiting the New Schools at Carver.  What an impressive campus! There are four schools on Carver’s campus, the schools of art, technology, early college and health sciences offer diverse and challenging courses for students in southeast Atlanta.  It was great to see the four principals, Ms. Thornton, Ms. Love, Dr. Pryor and Mr. Jackson collaborating to make sure that students can take unique courses offered in other schools.  This type of synergy will make the campus strong and reap huge benefits in future years.

I had the opportunity to spend time in an English class where it was obvious that team building was taking place during the first week of school. Teachers were doing a great job solidifying relationships with their students early in the school year.  In fact, I saw that type of school leader-student connection throughout all four schools.  During our tour each principal would stop to help a student who needed to find their next class, had an issue with their schedule or simply looked like they needed a kind word.  

IMG_1502On campus during our tour were two members of the Carver alumni who are still very active in the community.  The school has a rich history, having started as the original home for Clark College, then becoming the site of George Washington Carver Vocational High School in 1947.

We had lunch while visiting and I give the pizza and fries two thumbs up! 

Thank you Carver students, staff and alumni for a great tour.  As the new Associate Superintendent of High Schools, I look forward to working with during the 2014-2015 school year.


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