An Exciting Day at Hutchinson Elementary School

Guest Blogger:  Dr. Danielle Battle, Associate Superintendent, Elementary Schools

Hutchinson3I love visiting Emma Hutchinson Elementary School.  The halls are filled with light, teachers are innovative, students are literally jumping out of their seats with excitement and the principal, Dr. Broadway, embraces the volunteer parents and school community.  

I had a chance to visit Ms. Strozier’s 2nd grade class.  She was in the middle of a lesson about making predictions in literature.  Her text for the day was one of my favorite books, Ms. Nelson is Missing.  Many of the students had heard the story previously, but Ms. Strozier attempted to go deeper into the story’s characters, settings, problems, events and solutions.

Hutchinson6Ms. Carter-Smith’s 4th grade class was reviewing place value, math symbols and math vocabulary.  Hands (and bodies), seemed to stay in the air during the question and answer section of the lesson. These 4th graders were REALLY excited about math.

Our next stop was to Ms. Edmond’s 5th grade class where an archeological dig was taking place.  Students used multiple tools to “dig” for treasure and understand regions in the United States.  This hands on lesson had students engaged all over the room – it was a beautiful thing to see.  This is Ms. Edmond’s 31st year teaching elementary school.  

Hutchinson8 Hutchinson7 Hutchinson5


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