Day One on the Carver Campus!


Pulling up an article on “Summer Melt” with a 10th grade student.

This was my first visit to the Carver High School and Carver Early College campuses since both schools underwent consolidations earlier this year. Principal Marcene Thornton now leads Carver Early College, which merged with the former school of Technology.  She says she loves her new teachers from Carver Technology and is hopeful for a great year.  Oh, and I love Ms. Thornton’s new back-to-school hairstyle – looking good Principal Thornton!

When I asked one of the students what he thought about his new principal he said, “I like our new principal, she looks stern about learning.”

Over at Carver High School, Principal Marvin Pryor had his hands full with the morning announcements – so I only had a chance to give him a quick hug and wish him a great first day. He’s a talented guy and I look forward to seeing how he manages and lifts his school, which is a merger of the former Carver School of the Arts and Carver School of Health Sciences.

Board of Education members Leslie Grant and Matt Westmoreland joined me on this visit – these are Matt’s old stomping grounds where he worked as a history teacher at Carver Early College before being elected to the Board.  He and I spent some time in classrooms, speaking with students about their summers and encouraging them to read as much and as often as possible.

Thanks for the warm welcome Carver! Next, we’re off to Kimberly Elementary School.

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