Day One Ready with D.H. Stanton Elementary School


Day One was truly special today at D.H. Stanton Elementary School, the second stop of my day, because of the school’s new principal, the dynamic Robin Robbins! I was very excited when Principal Robbins, at that time the principal of Burgess-Peterson Elementary, decided to interview for our vacancy at D.H. Stanton Elementary School.

Principal Robbins has made a name for herself as a turnaround principal, able to shape and mold schools into stellar learning sites where students and employees succeed. She was on the front lines of the bus drop-off lane this morning when I arrived at D.H. Stanton on bus #548. The entire D.H. Stanton staff was decked out in a trendy and hip uniform of t-shirts and fatigues, ready for the morning’s action.

I arrived just in time for breakfast, which today included pancakes and bananas. The pancakes were yummy, but some of the bananas were a little overripe and mushy. I actually swapped my perfect one with a young student for her mushy one. But overall, it was a tasty meal and got the day off to a great start.

20150805_080834 (1)We made our way upstairs to the television production room, where students and teachers produce a daily “morning announcements” show. I was able to co-host with a student, recite the school’s pledge and even sing the seven habits song. It was so much fun.

A big thank you to the staff – they gifted me with my own set of super cool fatigues and a Stanton school t-shirt. Check out my photo below with Ms. Robbins. And a special thank you to Councilwoman Carla Smith who also stopped by to wish kids a happy first day of school. We are Day One ready!


Robin Robbins, new principal of D.H. Stanton Elementary School!

Robin Robbins, new principal of D.H. Stanton Elementary School!


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