Running with the Wolfpack at Young Middle School

20150805_101858Registration was still in full swing over at Young Middle School when I arrived today. Parents were patiently waiting to register students and staff, including volunteers from other parts of the district, were pitching in to get kids enrolled and into classrooms.

I walked the building with Young’s new principal, DeMarco Mitchell and Board of Education member Steven Lee. It was great to see a calm, relaxed environment where learning was taking place in every single classroom on Day One. I had a chance to take selfies with the school’s Spanish teacher, visit with teachers and watch a little instruction.

Principal Mitchell took a moment to show me the space on campus that will eventually become a three-story performing arts complex. He plans to offer theater, dance and other fine arts classes to students in the building and bring on a full time drama teacher. You all know that I’m a lover of the arts, so the idea of students becoming immersed at an early age thrills me.

20150805_103020I ran into a young student who was really digging my D.H. Stanton Day One camouflage pants! These things have been a hit all day long – I love them! She actually said she wanted a pair just like them and showed me her camouflage shoes as we waited in the registration line together.

It was a quick visit, but things seem to be rolling along beautifully on the campus. Thanks principal Mitchell for providing parents, students and staff a great environment in which to learn.

20150805_101832 20150805_101640

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