Some More Temporary Digs at Brown Middle School on Day One

photo 3For our visit with Brown Middle School at (again, ugh! I don’t like temp schools) its temporary home at Kennedy Middle School, two of my favorite topics of conversation came up: Architecture and Food.

When you talk about Atlanta Architecture, you have to talk about the stunning Brown Middle School building in the West End with its grand pillars and decorative urn settings. I think it is one of the most beautiful buildings (certainly among schools) in Atlanta, and it is a bit disheartening that the Brown Dolphins have to study elsewhere for the next 18 months.

photo 1But the nearly $20 million in renovations at Brown will go far in preserving this historical site and updating it for 21st century learning. The kids, however, were thrilled to learn about the plans to renovate a rarely used basement into a naturally lit dance studio. And the sixth graders loved knowing that they will rule Brown Middle School by the time they return during the 2016-2017 school year.

Now onto food. As readers of this blog know, I place a high priority on hot, nutritious meals for our students, going so far as to completely redo our food contracts to ensure healthier options, more locally sourced foods and tastier selections.

photo 5A quick assessment from Brown taste-testers found the food to be much improved over previous years with the students enjoying seasoned fries especially. But they want more real food, they said. What does that mean? Wings and nachos! We will see, but in the meantime, the food seems much more improved than my meals from last year. It can still improve, as I found a few mushy bananas today!

As for the new digs for Brown, hang in there, Dolphins! You will love your new school!


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