Being Thankful in APS

As all of us in Atlanta Public Schools prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday and our district closes for the extended (and, I think, much deserved) break, I think about the reasons we celebrate. The brisk weather encourages us to gather together as families and friends and put a brake a bit on our hectic lifestyles to spend quality time in fellowship and fun.

But I not only appreciate the season of Thanksgiving for the chance to be with loved ones. I cherish the moments of this holiday because it encourages us to reflect, to look more within ourselves and consider the many reasons we need to be thankful.

It gives us time to really consider others and to find ways to give back as shown at both Sylvan Hills Middle School and M.Agnes Jones Elementary, where our educators, students and families delivered food and turkeys to community members in need.

I know I am thankful for the hardest working educators, administrators and professional support staff in public education. To all of them: Be safe, enjoy time with your families and friends, and come back rejuvenated!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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