34 APS Schools Score Above 70 on State’s Redesigned CCRPI

State’s Redesigned CCRPI Scores

New Baseline for APS and GA

As some of you may be reading already, the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) released the redesigned College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores today for all Georgia public schools. The average CCRPI score for the state is 76.6 out of 100, and APS earned an overall score of 73.4.

Before I delve into an analysis of this year’s results, I want to remind you that GaDOE completely redesigned CCRPI last year, making it simpler and more streamlined. That redesign included changes to the CCRPI components and indicators, and the weighting of those components. As a result, we can’t compare this year’s score — apples to apples — against previous scores.

That means with this year’s analysis, we won’t be discussing CCRPI point gains or schools showing improvements in their CCRPI scores because we don’t have anything with which to compare that data. This year’s results establish a new baseline for all schools across the state.


This year’s CCRPI scores provide a new baseline for us given the revisions GaDOE made to the rating system over the past year. We must continue to look holistically at multiple measures that show us how we are preparing our students to succeed and not look to any one indicator or any one number. We’re looking at all of it: Georgia Milestones, graduation rates, student growth percentiles, climate star ratings, and other indicators in order to get a full picture of our students’ overall academic experience. You may have heard that the Board has charged us to work in a more comprehensive and holistic performance framework, as part of our Creating a System of Excellent Schools strategy, which I believe will provide us with the opportunity to paint a more complete picture of school performance.

Tweet 6Here are some of the key highlights from this year’s CCRPI results. APS earned an overall score of 73.4 out of 100 on the redesigned CCRPI. The average CCRPI score for the state is 76.6. According to the results, 34 schools achieved a CCRPI score above 70 of which 14 schools achieved an overall CCRPI score at or above 80.

Five schools led by principals Audrey Sofianos, Jay Bland, Brent McBride, Sharyn Briscoe, and Terry Harness, Jr., achieved an overall score above 90: Morningside Elementary School (97.8), BrandoTweet 5n Elementary School (96.5), Jackson Elementary School (96.4), Mary Lin Elementary School (93.1), and Springdale Park Elementary School (92.4). Woohoo!

Nine schools led by principals Monishae O’Neill, Emily Boatright, Kevin Maxwell, Lara Zelski, Gregory Leaphart, Peter McKnight, Donald Mason, Deborah Satterfield, Gail Johnson, Betsy Bockman, and David White scored between 80 and 90: Charles R. Drew Charter School (89.8), Sarah Smith Elementary School (89.7), Inman Middle School (89.0), Atlanta Neighborhood Charter (88.6), Charles R. Drew Charter School JA/SA (86.9), Wesley International Academy (84.9), Sutton Middle School (82.8), Grady High School (81.7), and Burgess-Peterson Elementary School (80.7). Good job!

I also want to recognize Deputy Superintendent David Jernigan, the associate superintendents and the Academics team, Chief Accountability and Information Officer Bill Caritj, and Executive Director of our Data Information Group Michael LaMont and his team for providing us with a full analysis of these results and for helping us keep these results in perspective as we look holistically at all the academic experiences of our students. I also want to thank our Chief Engagement Officer, Angela King Smith, and  the Office of  Communications and Public Engagement for the comprehensive support for the rollout of these data.

The new CCRPI reporting system is comprised of five components: Content Mastery, Progress, Closing Gaps, Readiness, and Graduation Rate (high schools only). APS’ CCRPI scores for elementary, middle, and high school levels were lower than the state’s; however, the District outperformed the state in “Progress” at the elementary level and in “Closing Gaps” at both the elementary and middle school level.

In all, 27 schools scored higher than the state for their grade level, including 13 elementary schools, nine middle schools, and five high schools (see the charts below). Please note that schools that have students in multiple grade levels receive CCRPI scores for each level (elementary, middle, high school) and an overall score.

Chart E2

Chart M2

Chart H2

2018 District and State Grade Level CCRPI Scores with Components

Chart 4

The District’s elementary grade level earned an overall CCRPI score of 76.8, the middle grade level earned an overall score of 72.8 and the District’s high school level earned an overall score of 65.5.

We’re building a strong foundation at the elementary and middle school levels, but we know more work needs to be done to ensure all our students across all grade levels graduate ready for college and career.

For more information and analysis on all APS’ CCRPI scores, click here. To view detailed score reports for the state and every public school district in Georgia, visit the GADOE CCRPI page.

Update – October 31, 2018: Today the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement (GOSA) released the Turnaround Eligible Schools List.…here’s how APS did… The number of APS schools on the list decreased from 16 to 13. Congratulations to principals Robbins, Thornton, Earls, Hill, and Salley for having their  five schools (Barack and Michelle Obama, Carver Tech, F.L. Stanton ES, Long Middle School, and Kimberly ES) removed from the list. Two of our schools (Carver STEAM and Douglass HS) were added to the list, resulting in a net reduction of three schools.

Through our District’s Turnaround Strategy, we’ve been providing our lowest performing schools the additional resources they need to achieve academic gains. I’m encouraged to see that five APS schools that were previously on the state’s list have earned their way off that list, but we’ve still got a long way to go, and we remain committed to that work.

As we continue on this journey of transformation in APS, I personally remain optimistic and inspired by our families, children and our APS team!

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